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Sep 22, 2012 7:00am PDT
scott kelley. >>> we've got a campaign which is tied with the incumbent president of the united states >>> romney is slipping under the polls. the canon did denies his campaign is struggling. >>> ipad a very practical campaign, its telling a very good job. i want to make it very clear, i want to help 100% of the american people. >>> a former republican campaign strategist says romney has to change the subject to regain. >>> said the really different to remind people why he's running for president. >>> new number shows the californian i unemployment rates still hybrihigh. it is still well above the national unemployment rate which is 8.1. a fantastic five for the space shuttle endeavor. it was all the the golden gate bridge to twin peaks. the shuttle as part at lax. why we >>> when endeavor touchstone, piggyback aboard the 747 it was a pitcher arrest landing. and the man at the control of the beef 747 new it was special. >>> first of all, wow. were you aware of the crowd still below? >>> we were. pretty much all the way from florida we saw people light up. >>> but everything was cordgra
Sep 16, 2012 8:30am PDT
the united states to fill to take action against the makers of the film. >>> look at the ruins of the u.s. consulate to breed their covering the floor where a rocket-propelled grenade it ignited a fire that's believe the u.s. ambassador stevens may have died of smoke inhalation in his bedroom he spent a lot of time in the bay area and california graduate and so far 50 libyans of been arrested in connection with the attack. >>> return to the uc professors spend a lot years learning and teaching about the islamic culture >>> we ask if there was more to the investment is the movie. >>> the film was clearly meant to injured in insult muslims in the region and i believe it has had that effect. and the other hand we should remember this feeling that insult has to be seen from moslems in the areas in the context of a long history of american military adventurism he met in the bank recently been ended the war in iraq and ongoing campaign in afghanistan and drones sent into yemen and somali and the muslims in the region the film coming out of the nine states is seen in the context of that ver
Sep 9, 2012 8:30am PDT
house about 20 or 30 or 2 million college graduates to announce more than the entire united states work force. in india as well will be four times as many high-school graduates as we do in nine states. part of this is to have larger populations the media. but i think one of things we recognize this just as they are ramping up we're stagnating or education. thus, pulse we have your >>> this the big point on the campaign trail on both parties. these different plans you're seeing in propose the dividend in this deficiency? >>> there's a problem at the federal level upon the state level and sourcing both cuts that the federal level announced cuts of the state level. when things recommending in this report is that we have to come together in a way the first president bush brought together a national education some and bring all the governors together with the president and figure out how to make this come together in a bipartisan way. we've not seen that a long time. >>> what about the philosophical differences between america's education and china's in india's and for example the testing in
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3